Cultural check beats
culture shock

It’s common knowledge that most of our decisions—even the ones we imagine are rational—are based on gut feeling. What people are not so aware of is that emotions in China and the UK have different dimensions to those in, say, the United States or Germany.

But even small differences in mindset can have big cultural ripple effects—and make or break communications impact.

Take the Germans, for instance. They’re pretty straightforward and like to get right to the point. No beating around the bush. Clarity, candor, constructive criticism and questioning the status quo are virtues that benefit all concerned, ja? Sounds reasonable perhaps.

My country, right or wrong.
Or maybe not?

While responding with a categorical “no” is perfectly acceptable in Germany, in Japan and Korea it’s tantamount to social suicide. Avoiding cultural pitfalls in your communications is not a luxury—it’s a key competitive advantage.

Our offering “Cross-cultural consulting for brands” is used by clients looking to probe corporate slogans, campaign taglines, product names and nomenclatures or creative concepts for cultural compatibility and impact. The aim is to avoid potential dissonances while arriving at the right rational and emotional approach to target groups worldwide.