Our portfolio spans three decades, taking in clients from Audi to Zeiss and all relevant sectors of industry.

To capture hearts and minds, you have to cut through the clamor, remembering that one culture’s music is another’s noise. Striking the right note calls for adaptations that read as if conceived and written in the relevant target market.

  • 1"Bmpwriter are first and foremost passionate, gifted, non-streamlined, pigheaded creatives who are supreme masters of their craft."
  • 2"Bmpwriter are first and foremost passionate, gifted."
  • 3"Non-streamlined, pigheaded creatives who are supreme masters of their craft."

Even though globalization and digitization might want to make us think otherwise, the world is still a very diverse place: different value systems, distinctive cultural identities and expectations. Things we’ve literally been weaned on and that unconsciously shape our worldview. Which is why it takes more than a dictionary to bring a brand world and strategic message to life in another culture.

With creative teams made up of adaptation experts, copywriters and copy editors, we serve clients from AUDI to ZEISS in internationalizing corporate slogans and campaign taglines, headlines, print ads, brand films, customer magazines as well as with copywriting and naming.